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Administrative/ Logistic Guidelines for Visitors


We list here some guidelines to organise travel to and from international airport at Mumbai to NCRA, Pune and GMRT Observatory, Khodad

1 Visa

Non-Indian Citizens usually need a visa to enter India. Please contact the Indian embassy/consulate in your country for details. If a letter of invitation is required, you may write to

2 Currency

International debit cards may be used at most ATM machines in India. Money changing facilities are also available at major airports and in the larger cities.

Mumbai to Pune Pune to Mumbai
Flight No. Departure Time Flight No. Departure Time
9W202 09:30 9W106 10:35
9W101 16:25 9W102 17:40


There are regular shuttle services which take visitors from International to domestic airport, free of cost.

4 From Mumbai to NCRA, Pune or GMRT, Khodad

By Train

Visitors who are planning to stay in Mumbai before or after their observation may also avail of the train services, which take about 4 hrs and are reasonably comfortable.  

 By Chartered vehicle

International/domestic airport to GMRT, Khodad

AC car - Rs.4800/-

Sahar to NCRA, Pune

AC small car 3500/- & Big AC Car Rs.4000/-

Pune airport to NCRA, Pune

Visitors may avail office car to reach at NCRA, Pune with prior booking thru

6 Daily shuttle – NCRA, Pune to GMRT, Khodad and vice versa

NCRA to GMRT - Daily bus departs NCRA at 07:00 hrs and reaches GMRT at 09:00 hrs.

GMRT to NCRA - Daily bus departs GMRT at 17:30 hrs and reaches NCRA at 19:30 hrs.

Please book your seats thru '' in advance. For travel on holiday and weekends, request should be given well in advance.

7 Maharashtra State Transport Bus – Pune to GMRT,Khodad

Alternate modes of transport include 'Maharashtra State Transport Buses' between Pune (Shivajinagar bus stand) and Narayangaon bus stand (cost Rs. 35/- approx.)

Hred cars (Rs. 3000/- approx). In case of hired cars, at least a day's advance notice is required.

8 Guest House arrangement — Accommodation

Guest house accommodation is available both at NCRA and GMRT. Please contact '' to make the reservations. A canteen serving Indian food is available at both places (except Sunday night at NCRA). Since alternate eating places and restaurants are not available near GMRT observatory, please communicate any special dietary requirements well before the visit. Please settle all bills before leaving.

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