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Dear Colleague,


Here are some general guidelines and information which may be useful for visitors coming for observations at GMRT.


1. Observers should be at the GMRT site at least 12 hours before the observations start time and contact the Control Room. People not having local collaborators who need assistance with the observations should inform well in advance.


2. There is a daily bus service on all seven days of week from Pune to GMRT site at 0700 IST leaving from the NCRA main building which reaches the GMRT at approximately 0900 IST. The return trip leaves GMRT at 1730 IST reaching NCRA at 1930hrs. Seats must be booked in advance, for which please contact Alternate modes of transport include Maharashtra State Transport buses between Pune (Shivajinagar bus stand) and the nearest town Narayangaon (cost Rs.35.00 approx) and hired cars (cost Rs.4000.00 approx + 1 days notice to��


3. Guest house accommodation is available at both NCRA, Pune and at the GMRT Observatory. Please contact secr-ops@ncra.tifr.res.infor making reservations. A canteen serving Indian food is available at both places (except on Sunday nights in NCRA, Pune). Since at the GMRT site alternate eating places and restaurants are not available, any special dietary requirements should be communicated to the All bills should be settled before leaving.


4. It is generally expected that a day's observation will produce less than 10GB of data (typical interferometry observations generate 0.4 Gbytes/hour). If higher data rates and larger disk space requirements are expected, please inform with justification.


5. Computing power for data analysis (including AIPS) exists both at GMRT site and NCRA,Pune. If extensive analysis is expected to be done in either place, please inform of the required resources.


6. Useres are expected to bring their own disks for backup. It is recommended that the data is connected to FITS format before leaving  the observatory. 


7. Interferometry data are at present being archived. The data will become public 18 months after the date of observation. The archive can be accessed via


8. All publications resulting from GMRT data should have an acknowledgement of the form
''We thank the staff of the GMRT that made these observations possible. GMRT is run by the National Centre for Radio Astrophysics of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.''

A copy of the preprint and final paper should be sent to Secretary-Operations, NCRA (TIFR), Post Box 3, Ganeshkhind, Pune University Campus, Ganeshkhind, Pune 411007, India.


GMRT Operations
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