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Operations group

Our Team :

R.Balasubramaniam  Group Co-ordinators
Dr. Ishwar Chandra                   Dr.Nimisha Kantharia  Academic Co-ordinators


Telemetry Group

Jitendra Kodilkar Charudutta Kanade
RajuUprade Naresh Sisodiya
C. Satheesh Mayur Sutar


Planned activities for 2010-11:

  • Modification of software to Control MCMs and SERVO system through Ethernet C Commn.
  • Design and development of user friendly GUI.
  • Development of improved user friendly TeleDisp to show antenna status.
  • Interaction with other systems like Baseband, Data acquisition, Correlator and Pulsar ?

Block Diagram:

1. Online prototype software:



2. MCM Card Archicture:




1. MCM card Specification:



Present Status:

Present Status

  • Successfully ported TeleSet, AbcCom, TeleDisp & MCM driver to FC9 from FC3.

  • Response time of the Status inf from the antennas is reduced considerably. 

  • Multi user and Multi-sub array feature added to the software. 

  • Automatation of MCM device driver insertion in Kernel.  

  • Modified software has been tested successfully in C00, C04 and C12 antennas to Control and Monitor thro' 100 Mbits/sec Ethernet

  • Communication, ABR, FPS, Servo and Sentinel systems. Live demonstrations shown to LFRU and HPC conference participants. 

  • Successfully tested Servo system thro' USB to Serial port adaptor. 

  • Development of device driver to Control MCM thro' standard USB to Serialport adaptors


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