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Visit the GMRT


The GMRT Observatory is open to the public only on the Friday of every week. Visitors will need to pre-register with us, for either of the two sessions on a Friday. We can accommodate not more than 50-60 people per session. These sessions are

  • Morning session : 11 am to 1 pm
  • Evening session : 3 pm to 5 pm


An Observatory staff member will be available to show you around the campus, explain the work which goes on, and answer questions. During the National Science Day (Feb 28th and 29th of every year), the Observatory is open to the public as well, throughout the day.

Please download the registration form in PDF format or in doc format, fill it up, and fax, post or hand it in to us to reserve a session for your visit. The current list of sessions which have already been allotted as well as those still available can be found here.

The GMRT Observatory is about 90 km to the north of Pune, off the Pune-Nashik highway and 12 km from the Narayangaon State Transport Bus Depot. You can download a roadmap to get to GMRT, or find us on googlemaps too.

Though we do appreciate that you may be visiting Pune on a particular day of the week, we regret that we cannot entertain visitors on any other day except Fridays.

Important : You will have to switch OFF your mobile phones during your visit since they will interfere with the astronomical observations of the telescope !

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